Monday, May 23, 2011

McDonald Forest 50K May 14th 2011

Well, I had a spectacular result to this year's 50K. I don't know where I found it but I dialed into a gear beyond what I'm used to doing and I was hauling ass the whole time and felt really great doing it. I finished 45 minutes faster than last time at this race, and 30 minutes faster then the first time I ran it. I passed almost all the people who usually finish way ahead of me. It was thrilling.

The weather was overcast and cool and I picked just exactly the right clothing for the conditions - not too warm, not too cold. I didn't get a single blister and all my toenails survived. I ate regularly and took salt and drank enough but not too much. I kept pushing the pace but never felt like I couldn't sustain it. I made myself run a lot faster than I usually dare to and it didn't back fire. I climbed all the hills strongly and pounded the downs. I spent less than a minute at each aid station. I can't tell you how many people I passed in the last third of the run - just one after an other. All in all it was a very efficient and successful run. Probably my best executed effort of all time.

There were even 2 women who tried to get past me in the last mile - I hung on behind the first one after she went around me and didn't let her get too far ahead as I heard the second one approach from behind. I'll be damned if I was going to run so hard all day only to get passed in the last mile by two women! (Funny, if I was a guy I don't think I would have cared as much). And we three flew down the hill like crazy, almost out of control. If I had fallen I would have ended up just a smear on the trail. Then there was an evil short, but steep, hill. I powered up behind her, trying not to fade as we crested the top. When we did, she had to stop, hold onto a tree and gasp, so I passed her and sprinted on the last quarter mile to the finish. All the time I was thinking they were right on my butt and just about to pass me again so I didn't let up and ran so hard my lungs were burning and I thought I would puke. What a ride! They finished just 8 and 9 seconds behind me.

The stats:

78th out of 201 overall finishers
7th in my age/gender group (out of 24)
17th female overall (out of 65)

I was starting to despair that I could never be more than a back of the pack runner. It's a nice boost.


Erica Agran said...

Hi Kate - It's Erica from Chicago (via Brooklyn)from the old runners thread on WW. Looking for a teammate for the Cascades Relay in Bend, OR on 8/5 - 6 - any interest? It would be 3 legs like HTC. (Let me know at Hope you are doing well!

Jan said...

Congratulations on a triumphant run! I know you were racing at the end to be ahead of the two women, but I think you won because you surpassed your previous times by a huge margin. Great going!

Bret said...

I saw your time. You smoked this course! WTG! Mac is such a tough little race too. You doing Waldo? Todd told me your sweeping PCT, maybe see you there.

fatozzig said...

Congratulations, Kate!! I could feel the excitement of your run. WTG!!